So. What is this?

I started writing on the internet about four years ago. Back then it was mostly superhero-stuff, but my taste in film expanded & I started my own blog. It was this one, I believe – under a different name. Over the years, I’ve bounced from blog to blog: relaunching this as The Tiny Screen, becoming a Jr. Editor at CBM, helping co-create Movies | TV | Comics – and talking a lot of shit on Twitter. It’s been a blast, but I’m looking to add something new.

So this is like an extension of my Twitter, I guess – but allows me to go a little more in depth into things I enjoy. Chances are, I’ll mostly talk about movies & TV – but there’ll be times I’ll delve into music or even my personal life. Or not. Maybe I’ll just talk about Dr. Pepper.

I don’t really know what *this* is yet. I’m also not sure how often I’ll post  – ideally: regularly, but there’s my chronic laziness to consider. Also, I’ve never once finished a task I’ve started. I have high hopes for this.

I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life, but at least I created a blog. Job done, as far as I’m concerned.


If you just came here because you needed to get in touch with me (and not my life story), you can almost certainly find me still chatting shit @mintsanity.


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