A Silent Voice

In which one writer waxes lyrical about A Silent Voice, before coming to terms with his weebness.

Really puts you through the emotional wringer, huh? This film’s an imperfect, anguished vessel of trauma & redemption, tearing you apart before building you back up, piece-by-piece. Thematically it feels so relevant. We’ve all had a history with bullying – as victim, bully or bystander – and the way this explores its long-term effects is on point. The guilt, the depression, the self-loathing and the social anxiety. Definitely strikes a chord.

It’s a little heavy on the melodrama, particularly towards the end, and narratively it’s a little unfocused too. Still couldn’t get 100% on board with all the plot mechanics, though Ishida’s evolution as a character is outstanding. The dialogue is its achilles heel – you could argue it’d work better as a visual/musical mood piece. Dial down the adolescent angst (a little), drown out some of the noise and let that delicate score and beautiful imagery wash over you. As though you were partially deaf yourself.

4 Stars

Random Thoughts

Oh shit guys, I think I’m a weeb.


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