Gone Girl

David Fincher’s twisted sub-urban satire is darkly amusing and horrifyingly real. [SPOILERS]

“We’re so cute. I wanna punch us in the face.”

Fuck, Gone Girl is *disturbing*. That seems like a pretty obvious statement to make – but I never stopped to think about why it gets under my skin so much. Ya know, in addition to all the throat-slitting, hammer hitting and inventive use of bottles. Unsurprisingly, those were all the things that jumped out on me during my first watch. Amy Dunne is one of the most psychotic characters put to screen in recent memory, and Rosamund Pike’s spine-chilling performance is worthy of all the attention its gotten. But there’s far more to the film than that.

What makes it such an uncomfortable viewing experience isn’t just the visual carnage, but rather the slow-burn realisation that Amy & Nick are just like any traditional couple (with a few sociopathic quirks). Gone Girl is a sub-urban horror film, shining a light on the seedy underbelly of married life and showcasing how devastating it can be when it falls apart. It uses hyper-realistic characters & scenarios to explore the consequences of infidelity and an unhappy marriage, crafting a tale that many viewers may – to their surprise/horror – end up relating to.

Gillian Flynn & David Fincher put a new subversive spin on the typically straight-faced murder-mystery, playing up the media circus surrounding a missing person’s case. There’s even special emphasis on the increasingly popular sensationalist brand of journalism. All of a sudden, Gone Girl is less of a thriller, and more of a satire, ridiculing the importance of appearances and public opinion in our fickle, superficial society. The widespread acceptance & adoration over Amy’s somewhat unrealistic tale at the end only adds to the mockery.

People are fucked up, yo.

4.5 Stars

Random Thoughts

My girlfriend watched this for the first time tonight. The look of horror on her face during *several* scenes would’ve been hilarious had I not been equally traumatised experiencing those scenes for a second time.


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